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Spay/Neuter Job Board

Passionate, dependable animal professionals wanted immediately! Are you an animal whisperer? Are some of your best friends of the four-legged variety? Is an animal finding their forever home a cause for celebration for you? If you answered "yes" to these questions, come talk to us! We are seeking an Shelter Manager who has experience in, and a dedication to, animal welfare and care. You would be Monitoring the activities of the animal care staff and providing direction and feedback. Assisting in the training of animal care staff. Feeding and providing medications for animals in our care. Documenting illnesses and injuries in a computer system. Monitoring animals after surgery. Making decisions about care, especially for animals in distress. Supporting the veterinarians with exams, vaccinations, and treatments. Enjoying the company of like-minded team members. Ready to take the leap? You should be: A great animal handler An individual with previous experience in animal shelters, rescues, or veterinary practices. It's a plus if you're a veterinary assistant or technician! Your skills are really valuable to us! Comfortable with giving vaccinations, understanding medication dosages, and providing treatments such as subQ fluids. This is a position that requires weekend and holiday availability. Because the animals rely on you, and because we rely on you too, you may need to work a flexible schedule. Animal care is not just Mon-Fri! It's a different schedule, but animals cannot take care of themselves and they love the company! Typical hours are 8 to 5.

Raleigh, NC

Posted On:
June 10, 2021