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Spay/Neuter Job Board

This position is designed to provide support for University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Veterinary Medicine Shelter Medicine Program's (UWSMP) Maddie's Shelter Medicine Teaching and Training Programs. The primary student rotation and intern clinical training currently occurs at Dane County Humane Society (DCHS). UWSMP currently has 2 Maddie's Shelter Medicine interns annually and 2-3 Maddie's Shelter Medicine residents completing their primary clinical training at DCHS. There are 69 University of Wisconsin 4th year veterinary students rotating thorough DCHS on their two-week Shelter Medicine Ambulatory in the 2020/2021 academic year, and interest in this rotation continues to grow, including requests from out-of-state veterinary students. Primary duties include educating & supervising students, interns, and residents on life-saving practices; training students, interns, and residents to find and examine multiple solutions to the problems that shelter animals and communities might face; pursuing excellence in the clinical skills of trainees; and supporting other educational aspects of the program as needed. UWSMP has a close partnership with DCHS and the clinical instructor will primarily be working out of the shelter and must work successfully within their practices to uphold this partnership with DCHS. Other important duties are to provide population-level continuing education and consultation for shelter staff, and to be involved in didactic instruction via the UWSMP's Maddie's Shelter Medicine Fellowship program, Maddie's Shelter Medicine Intensive, and Maddie's Shelter Medicine Elective university course.

Madison, WI

Posted On:
February 09, 2021