Social Change 101

As animal welfare evolves, a new philosophy about our work is emerging. This new philosophy is more open and accepting towards people, and many of us are exploring new ways of working. We’re reaching out to groups we have never engaged with before or with whom our past engagements have been less than productive. It’s really happening! Animal welfare is starting to look like a social change movement! Social change movements are designed to solve social problems, not put band-aids on them. The social change makers who design and implement these solutions think and work in unique ways and they get unique (and exponentially better) results. 

In the first webinar in the series, we’ll take a broad overview of social change and discuss:

  • What is social change and what is its place in animal welfare?
  • What can we learn from other successful social change movements?
  • Is there a formula for solving social problems?

This two-part webinar series is designed for animal welfare professionals who want a deeper understanding of what social change is and how we can apply the philosophy and practices of social change to solve some of the complex challenges we face in animal welfare.

Amy Mills is a committed servant leader and advocate for the underserved – both people and animals. As the CEO of Emancipet since 2006, Amy leads the organization’s strategic growth plan to make spay/neuter and preventive veterinary care affordable and accessible to all pet owners.

Watch the recording of Social Change 201.