Volunteer Management 201

Is your volunteer program a powerful part of your lifesaving efforts? Does it effectively engage your community supporters? Done well, volunteer programs exponentially increase your organization’s reach and capacity to help animals. Done not-so-well, volunteer programs can divert energy from meeting your mission and actually create more work. Learn how to maximize the contributions of your volunteers – whether your volunteer program is new and just starting off, established but not quite firing on all cylinders, or somewhere in between.

Participants will learn how to build a strong volunteer management infrastructure from program design to implementation. Discover how the right mix of process and procedures can ensure your animals have the care they need and your staff has the support it needs to succeed.

Watch the webinar recording for Volunteer Management 101.

Hilary Anne Hageris Director of Volunteer Engagement for The Humane Society of the United States. She’s been a volunteer manager for 14 years, primarily in animal shelters in Washington State, but has also served as a volunteer herself in the Peace Corps, at a wildlife rehabilitation center, on the board of a chimpanzee sanctuary, and on the board of her state federation. She holds a Master’s degree in nonprofit leadership from Seattle University, and provides training and resources to managers of volunteers in animal protection groups of all kinds around the country.

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