Volunteer Management 101

As every organization grows, there comes a time when things change from “coordinating a handful of people” to “managing volunteers” to get things done. No matter the agency size or the number of people involved, there are effective strategies for managing people to work on common goals. From identifying tasks, establishing processes, finding the right people to get involved and then managing their participation, this webinar will cover the basics of volunteer management. Anyone who works or volunteers in animal welfare will find this 60-minute webinar helpful.

Watch the recording for Volunteer Management 201.

Hilary Anne Hager is Director of Volunteer Engagement for The Humane Society of the United States. She’s been a volunteer manager for 14 years, primarily in animal shelters in Washington State, but has also served as a volunteer herself in the Peace Corps, at a wildlife rehabilitation center, on the board of a chimpanzee sanctuary, and on the board of her state federation. She holds a Master’s degree in nonprofit leadership from Seattle University, and provides training and resources to managers of volunteers in animal protection groups of all kinds around the country.

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