How Shelters Can Use Data to Save Lives

-Steve Putnam, National Federation of Humane Societies
-Jodi Lytle Buckman, CAWA, ASPCA
-Emily Weiss, Ph.D. CAAB, ASPCA

Does your agency track the number of lives you save?  Do you use data to gauge your progress or to plan your future life-saving initiatives?

Whether you’re already collecting data or not, learn how data collection can help you to measure your impact on your community.  Discover how shelters are already using data to save more animals at risk.

The National Federation of Humane Societies conducted a survey of animal welfare professionals regarding data collection.  In this webinar, we will share the fascinating survey results, provide an overview of commonly used rates and their formulas, and introduce a tool which defines the most basic data all shelters should be collecting.  

Webinar attendees will:

•    Learn the difference between four live release rates commonly used in shelters
•    Receive a copy of the National Federation’s Basic Data Matrix and understand how to use it to collect data for their community

Leaders of public or private animal welfare organizations interested in collecting and understanding their own data to help inform their work and planning will all benefit from this free, 60-minute webinar.