Calculating Your Humane Capacity

Your capacity is not just the number of cages you have. Capacity is your ability to provide humane care.

Whether trying to make estimates about staff hours needed, numbers of surgeries required, or the best fit number for adoption housing units, calculating capacity helps you plan and understand what’s needed as well as what’s possible. By knowing your humane capacity, and never exceeding it, you will be empowered to make good decisions for the animals in your care. Learn how to calculate your organization’s humane capacity in this 90-minute webinar.

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This session is the fourth part in a multi-session webinar series on Length of Stay.

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Dr. Sandra Newbury is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine with a special interest in infectious disease and population management as it relates to group health. She joined the Koret Shelter Medicine Program at the University of California, Davis in 2006.  She also serves as the Chair of the Shelter Standards Task Force of the Association of Shelter Veterinarians and as Adjunct Assistant Professor of Shelter Medicine in the Department of Pathobiology at the University of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine.  Dr. Newbury’s position results from a partnership between UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine and the ASPCA.

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