Customer Service for Social Change

Help animal shelters, rescue organizations, and spay/neuter clinics establish a system for providing authentic, compassionate, client-centered service to affect real social change. To create social change in animal welfare – whether transforming someone from a pet store buyer into a shelter adopter, or a pesky “Never Neuter” into a lifelong advocate of spay/neuter – is not easy.  But social change is possible and within our grasp, if we have the right approach to working with people.  Even though we all work in animal welfare, it’s the humans that we have to focus on if we want to change the world for the animals.

This webinar is about going beyond “customer service” and the old clichés like “the customer is always right.”  This is about looking at what the world’s best companies and organizations have done to create authentic, compassionate, and client-centered approaches.  We’ll look at specific tools and resources that you can put into place in your organization today to have a more client-centered, compassionate organization, and start moving towards real social change.

This 60-minute webinar is geared towards hiring managers, board members, and leadership of all animal welfare organizations and spay/neuter clinics.