Transfers: Life-Saving Strategy

Webinar presented by:

- Steven Dostie & Zach Black, Greater Androscoggin Humane Society
- Shelli Skiados, The Humane Society of South Mississippi

Discover how two shelters successfully used their transfer programs, both transfer-out and transfer-in, to save more lives in their communities. They discuss:

  • Setting up a new transfer program
  • Transportation aspects of transfers
  • Veterinary aspects of transfers
  • Transfer partner selection
  • Using volunteers in transfer initiatives

This webinar is for agencies who have a transfer program and want to fine-tune their process as well as for those interested in starting a transfer program. All attendees will walk away with ideas to use transfer strategies to save animals and meet their community's needs. A portion of this webinar is devoted to specific data reporting aspects of transfers for contestants in the 2012 ASPCA Rachael Ray Challenge.


Top Tips from this Webinar

Hit Up the Weekenders in Your Area
Many folks traveling to HSSM's area for the weekend are willing to take a small litter and drop them off on their way home. HSSM screens them the way they do other volunteers, and many of these weekenders become repeat transfer partners. HSSM makes these connections via

  • social media
  • RV parks (partner with RV parks to help push your transfer program!)
  • pet-friendly hotels

Let Them Stretch Their Paws
See if shelters, rescues and spay/neuter clinics on your transfer route will let you stop in to give the animals a potty break and exercise. In HSSM's experience, many are willing to help.

Get Your Community Pumped
Market the incoming animals ahead of time so they already have a fan club waiting to adopt them by the time they arrive.

Offset Extra Fees

Some agencies have transport fees when taking in animals. Consider adding a transfer fee to your adoption fees or raising the transfer fee to offset extra costs.

Prep Your Vehicle
Make sure your transfer vehicle meets veterinary and safety requirements (check out webinar recording for details). And why not jazz it up to let the whole world know the great work you're doing?Ā 

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