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Video: Deep Cleaning Cat Cages

We've got the full how-to on cleaning your cat cages between residents and as daily maintenance. Watch the video, then download our step-by-step instructions to brush up on your technique or train your staff and volunteers on best practices. 

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Supplies and Step-by-Step

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  • Gloves
  • Clean rags and paper towels
  • A 30-gallon rolling garbage can
  • Receptacle for soiled, reusable items
  • Accelerated H2O2, diluted 4 oz. per gallon
  • Clean food and water bowls
  • Clean bedding
  • Clean toys

Remember, it's important to minimize stress for other cats by keeping noise to a minimum.

  1. Dispose of the litter box and kennel floor liner, carefully placing them into the garbage can
  2. Apply accelerated H2O2 and spread into crevices
  3. Let the solution stand for 5 minutes
  4. Wipe down kennel with a clean rag, allow to air dry
  5. Replace kennel floor liner and clean litterbox
  6. Add clean toys, food and water bowls. Leave bowls upside-down