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I respect and understand your opinion. It's extremely difficult, especially when you've been working in...

By Jessie on Do You Care? - 6/29/2016 at 10:38am

When the goal is animal welfare, providing the safest emotional place possible to surrendering guardians...

By Jenn on Do You Care? - 6/29/2016 at 8:37am

I think that it is necessary to bring the so called "no kill" shelter into this discussion. Too many...

By Bea Schermerhorn on Do You Care? - 6/29/2016 at 7:59am

Dr. Emily Weiss

That Is So Not What I Meant…

What do you think when a relinquisher says, “I’m moving and my landlord doesn’t allow animals?” Dr. Emily Weiss urges us all to toss out the judgments and assumptions.

Do You Care?

Dr. Emily Weiss shares some studies regarding empathy in various species—and asks you to put yourself in your clients’ shoes.

Too Smart To Eat Out of a Bowl

Got any clever, high-energy dogs at your shelter? (Of course you do!) Dr. Emily Weiss shares a simple, smart tip to help set your new adopters up for success.

Melvin and the Marmalades

Dr. Emily Weiss introduces you to 3 undersocialized kitties who found a great placement thanks to a barn cat program (even though they’re more likely to sleep on the job), and invites you to think about the cats at your agency who could benefit from alternative homes.

Where Are The Cats?

Dr. Emily Weiss has been digging into the data and wonders… Are adoptions up and intake down at your shelter?

ID Them… And Meet Your Goal!

Dr. Emily Weiss discusses how ID tagging now can save time and resources later—and offers some tips to ensure collars and tags get on all animals.

Runners, Fences, DOAs and the Butterfly Effect (sort of)

What could the jogging boom of the 1970s possibly have to do with decreased intake of dogs in today’s shelters? Dr. Emily Weiss ponders the possibilities of cause and effect—and yes, butterflies.

Custom Built Dogs

Dr. Emily Weiss shows how you can train shelter dogs—or not!—in an effort to offer adopters the pet of their dreams.

Getting Ahead of the Trend

Dr. Emily Weiss digs into data that uncovers the number one reason for re-homing in one population—and asks how you are addressing it at your agency.

That Fish Got Personality!

Dr. Emily Weiss connects the dots between shy salmon and the dogs and cats in our shelters, and ponders how and why behavior traits in any species can change.