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Dr. Emily Weiss

Black Is Still The New White

It’s that time of year again. With Halloween around the corner, Dr. Emily Weiss shares the facts about black cats—and what you can be doing to get more adopted.

Pleased to Meet You… Or Maybe Not

Dog introductions—yes or no? Dr. Emily Weiss shares 4 compelling reasons for her recommendation.



Can Training Cats to ‘High Five’ Change Their Lives?

Dr. Emily Weiss discusses new research that suggests we can positively impact the health and welfare of cats—by doing things that those who work with them already love to do.

Bored-y Cat

Who’s that hiding behind the door and knocking stuff on the floor? Dr. Emily Weiss has just the thing for under-enriched kitties—both in the shelter and in their new homes.

If It Feels Good…

Dr. Emily Weiss reveals the magic answer to the most common question that behaviorists get. What happens when we apply it to our work in animal sheltering?

Exorcizing the Tasmanian Devil

Dr. Emily Weiss shares a recipe for helping overaroused dogs—including good boundaries and activities that help them practice control.

What Saved Means to Me

We talk a lot about saving lives in the animal sheltering field. Dr. Emily Weiss muses on her definition of the word and asks for yours.

Time To Pull Up

Tips to ace pet rescue applications in mainstream media?! It’s high time to show that, as an industry, we start with a “yes” to every potential adopter.

Does Managed Admission Really Work?

The good folks at Million Cat Challenge sat down with Dr. Emily Weiss to tackle this juicy question.

Being Wrong

Dr. Emily Weiss encourages you to give that next big idea for saving more lives a try—but measure it and embrace the outcome.