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Dr. Emily Weiss

Make 'Em Laugh

Dr. Emily Weiss shares some classic research on laughter in dogs as she pays homage to a well-known animal behaviorist.

Cut the Cord on the Landlord

What happens when landlord checks are eliminated? Dr. Emily Weiss outlines 5 potential outcomes.

Isabella Is Her Name

When that family comes into the shelter and discovers that the pup they were interested in adopting is no longer there, what happens? Dr. Emily Weiss has a few suggestions.

Barriers and Pit(bull)falls

Pit bull-type dogs are already at risk of staying longer in shelters simply because of breed bias. Dr. Emily Weiss urges us not to throw strict policies between these dogs and potential adopters.

Pets As Gifts: Just Show ’Em the Data

Dr. Emily Weiss is regifting this year! Today she’s sharing some powerful data, old and new, to help bust the myth that pets shouldn’t be given as gifts.

But Bella Could Have Been Home By Dinner

Thanks to a microchip, a Florida dog was reunited with her family after being lost for three years. Dr. Emily Weiss admits that stories like these drive her batty—and shares how you can help get 'em home a lot sooner.

“When Will People Learn?”

Ever heard a staff member say something similar after a pet owner comes in to relinquish an animal? Ever said it yourself? Dr. Emily Weiss takes the discussion in a different direction—to a place where we work to keep the pets and the people who love them together.

The Meet Matters

What’s the experience like at your shelter when a potential adopter meets a dog outside his kennel? According to a new study, that may be the key to increasing the likelihood of adoption. Dr. Emily Weiss discusses the research here.

What Do People Want Anyway?

What happens when you don’t have the kind of pet adopters are looking for? Dr. Emily Weiss has a few suggestions for you. (Based on research, of course!)

Practically Positive

When it comes to addressing behavior issues, what’s in your tool box? Dr. Emily Weiss urges you to keep it fully stocked.