Transport Best Practices: A 7-Part Webinar Series

Animal Transport Best PracticesAt its most basic level, transporting animals is based on supply and demand. However, there is much to consider if you want a transport program that will benefit animals, communities, adopters, and source and destination organizations.

The Society of Animal Welfare Administrators (SAWA) released a comprehensive best-practice document in June, 2016, that outlined optimum ways to design and manage a transport program. The framers of these transport guidelines, members of SAWA’s Best Practices & Emerging Trends Committee, present an in-depth, seven-part webinar series that will show you how to conduct transports.

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  1. Introduction to Transport Best Practices: Wednesday, December 7
  2. Is Transport Right for Your Agency and Community?: January 4
  3. Building Relationships in Transport Programs:  January 25            
  4. Ensuring a Bon Voyage for Transported Animals: February 15      
  5. Animal Transport: Vaccinations, Funding & Goals: March 8         
  6. How to Transport Cats: March 29
  7. Q & A: Transport Best Practices: April 5

Webinars will occur on Wednesdays from  3-4 p.m. ET. They will be recorded and available online afterwards.

Each webinar has been approved by CAWA for one hour of CE, for a total of seven hours.

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    Photo courtesy of SAWA