Transport Best Practices: A 7-Part Webinar Series

Animal Transport Best PracticesAt its most basic level, transporting animals is based on supply and demand. However, there is much to consider if you want a transport program that will benefit animals, communities, adopters, and source and destination organizations.

The Society of Animal Welfare Administrators (SAWA) released a comprehensive best-practice document in June, 2016, that outlined optimum ways to design and manage a transport program. The framers of these transport guidelines, members of SAWA’s Best Practices & Emerging Trends Committee, present an in-depth, seven-part webinar series that will show you how to conduct transports.

Watch the Webinar Recording

  1. Introduction to Transport Best Practices 
  2. Is Transport Right for Your Agency and Community?
  3. Building Relationships in Transport Programs        
  4. Ensuring a Bon Voyage for Transported Animals      
  5. Animal Transport: Vaccinations, Funding & Goals       
  6. How to Transport Cats
  7. Q & A: Transport Best Practices

Each webinar was approved by CAWA for one hour of CE, for a total of seven hours.

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