Take a SAFER Tour

Whether you've been conducting ASPCA SAFER® assessments at your agency for several years or are a newcomer to SAFER's predictive, consistent method for evaluating the probability of canine aggression, we've compiled helpful resources to enrich your current program or get you started.


Here is basic background information to get you acquainted with the program.

Why Use Aggression Assessment?
A canine aggression assessment such as SAFER demands staff time, facility space and supplies. Here's why it's all worth it.

Blog: 9 Ways to Brush Up Your Canine Communication Skills
Learning how to interact with dogs and how they interact with each other takes time, patience, and lots of practice!

Webinar: SAFER Overview
SAFER creator Dr. Emily Weiss, PhD, CAAB, covers the history and research behind the program.

What Is SAFER? Video
ASPCA staff talk you through the basics.


Here are some must-see tools and resources.

Handy Reference Tool: SAFER Glossary
Sharpen your skills at reading canine body postures as called for in the SAFER assessment. Each definition includes a video clip so you can see the body posture in action.

Webinar: SAFER Equipment and Handling
A closer look at each of the seven items in the SAFER assessment and the tools and facility requirements you'll need.

Webinar: Scoring and Choice
This session will help you determine which dogs are candidates for behavior modification and demonstrate how the role of choice plays in the SAFER assessment.

Download the Guide
The SAFER guide can be downloaded free here.

Tune Your Skills

Stay on top of the latest teachings and new resources to enhance your skills.

Maintaining Proper SAFER Assessment Skills through Self-Checks
Ensuring the SAFER assessment is being conducted safely, humanely, and as designed at your agency.

SAFER: Just One Piece of the Puzzle
"That dog failed his temperament test!" These are words that make every assessor shudder.

FAQ: Assessment Techniques
Answers to questions about issues that may come up during your assessments.

Webinar: Identifying and Managing Food Guarding
Learn what kind of support these dogs need post-adoption, and get a downloadable program that can help you save the animals who are more at risk in your shelter.