Tip of the Week: Kittens On The Move!

Monday, June 3 2013

Kitten Season is here, and shelters everywhere are scrambling to keep the flow of tiny felines moving out the shelter doors and into foster care.

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Our Instincts Were Right

Thursday, May 30 2013

I recently blogged about the power of the spur-of-the-moment, impulse decision of bringing a pet into our lives, and how that impulse was often one of the best decisions we have ever made.

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MacGyver’s Got Nothin’ on You

Friday, April 19 2013

Earth Day is just around the corner on Monday, April 22, and no one knows how to implement their three Rs like animal sheltering staffers. Donors are impressed with a nonprofit’s ability to stretch dollars because they know that means more of their money is going to the cause to which they’re giving;  for our field, that means saving animals’ lives. Because we want to practice what we’ve pr...

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Training Shelter Cats? Yep.

Thursday, April 18 2013

This past weekend I had the pleasure of speaking at the New England Federation of Humane Societ...

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9 Dos and Don’ts for Creating Ah-Mazing Adoption Videos

Friday, April 12 2013

Guest Blogger Allie Yoder, Marketing Coordinator at Wisconsin Humane S...

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Beaches, Bikinis and Bullies

Thursday, April 11 2013

I was relaxing on the beach the other day when a young woman walked down the beach toward me. She waved and smiled at her friends sitting near me, then looked dow...

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Tip of the Week: Who You Gonna Call?

Monday, April 8 2013

As foster homes become an increasingly key component of sheltering and rescue operations, they are used more often and used more strategically. The sy...

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Babies, Bathwater and What I Meant to Say

Thursday, March 21 2013

I recently wrote a blog that suggested that while we should focus o...

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Take Five Friday: Show ‘Em the Money, 15-Pound Ferals and a Must-Have Website Resource

Friday, March 8 2013

- A picture may be worth a thousand words, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to add a few more—captions and good pix=BFFs (that’s, uh, Best Facebook Friends). I present Kick-Butt Facebook Status Writing, Exhibit A, courtesy of Ulster County SPCA.


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What Is in a Yawn?

Thursday, March 7 2013

When I was in grad school and teaching the always-memorable Introduction to Psychology class, I always got such a kick out of the day we taught about yawning. I would have a shill in the room who would count yawns, and I would start the class by stretching and yawning. Then I’d put up a slide of 3 people standing together – 1 yawning. It did not take long for the class to start a concert of yaw...

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