Tip of the Week: Kittens On The Move!

Monday, June 3 2013

Kitten Season is here, and shelters everywhere are scrambling to keep the flow of tiny felines moving out the shelter doors and into foster care.

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Our Instincts Were Right

Thursday, May 30 2013

I recently blogged about the power of the spur-of-the-moment, impulse decision of bringing a pet into our lives, and how that impulse was often one of the best decisions we have ever made.

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Babies, Bathwater and What I Meant to Say

Thursday, March 21 2013

I recently wrote a blog that suggested that while we should focus o...

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What Is in a Yawn?

Thursday, March 7 2013

When I was in grad school and teaching the always-memorable Introduction to Psychology class, I always got such a kick out of the day we taught about yawning. I would have a shill in the room who would count yawns, and I would start the class by stretching and yawning. Then I’d put up a slide of 3 people standing together – 1 yawning. It did not take long for the class to start a concert of yaw...

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So You Think You Know What a Socialized Cat Is?

Tuesday, March 5 2013

Guest blogger Dr. Margaret Slater is back with an update on the ASPCA’s “Is This Cat Feral?” project, which aims to determine how to separate cats who are frightened but socialized from cats who are unsocialized to humans when in a shelter setting.

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He Loves To Have His Belly Rubbed…

Thursday, January 31 2013

Playful, fun, loves to play, loves children, fetches, sweet, cuddles, hugs, funny, lap dog, great dog… These are descriptors we often hear our satisfied pet parents use when talking about their pets. But… Is this how those relinquishing their pets talk? Recent research at the ASPCA has found that yes – it is.


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Syndrome? Myth? Fact?

Thursday, January 24 2013

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a blog highlighting some research that was conducted around the notion of...

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Cats Don’t Do What They Are Supposed To!

Thursday, December 20 2012

Dr. Margaret Slater checks back in with Shelters' Edge to talk about the ASPCA's latest research regarding feral cats. The sentiment expressed in the title of this post is probably not a big surprise, but when you are studying cats' behavior, it really makes life harder!

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ASPCA Research Update: Is This Cat Feral?

Friday, November 23 2012

Dr. Margaret Slater checks in with Shelters’ Edge to talk about the ASPCA’s latest research regarding feral cats. How DO we develop a way to tell if a cat is feral or not in a shelter? ...

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