Research Update: So, Is That Cat Feral Or What?

Thursday, June 27 2013

We are in the middle of data collection in phase 4 of “Is That Cat Feral?,”our research on the development of a tool to identify unsocialized from frightened pet cats in the shelter. Thanks to the hard work of the team led by Dr. Slater, we are close to having an assessment and a set of behavioral scores that are pretty darn good at predicting cats who are socialized from cats who are not socialized.

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So You Think You Know What a Socialized Cat Is?

Tuesday, March 5 2013

Guest blogger Dr. Margaret Slater is back with an update on the ASPCA’s “Is This Cat Feral?” project, which aims to determine how to separate cats who are frightened but socialized from cats who are unsocialized to humans when in a shelter setting.

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Cats Don’t Do What They Are Supposed To!

Thursday, December 20 2012

Dr. Margaret Slater checks back in with Shelters' Edge to talk about the ASPCA's latest research regarding feral cats. The sentiment expressed in the title of this post is probably not a big surprise, but when you are studying cats' behavior, it really makes life harder!

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ASPCA Research Update: Is This Cat Feral?

Friday, November 23 2012

Dr. Margaret Slater checks in with Shelters’ Edge to talk about the ASPCA’s latest research regarding feral cats. How DO we develop a way to tell if a cat is feral or not in a shelter? ...

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Counting Cats

Thursday, October 18 2012

We are in the middle of a study looking at the impact of TNR in areas of high stray-cat intake. Our goal is to measure the change in free-roaming cat populations after intensive trapping. The work is really pretty nifty – we have teamed up with some folks at the Lincoln Park Zoo who regularly count wildlife to help us...

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Blink -- It Could Save a Life!

Thursday, September 6 2012

You may have been following work we have been doing around the development of an assessment process to...

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What to Know When People Say Community Cats Are a Public Health Risk

Tuesday, September 4 2012

Looking for resources and information to help you provide accurate information to your communities about public health issues and free-roaming cats? Guest blogger Jesse Oldham has compiled them for you.


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Colony Management 101: Tootsie Roll Gardens

Tuesday, August 30 2011

Guest blogger Jesse Oldham offers advice for keeping free-roaming felines out of neighbors’ gardens.

Feral cat caretakers wear many hats...

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Take Five Friday

Friday, April 22 2011

Remember Take Five Friday? It’s been awhile, but I haven’...

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