Adoption Ambassadors

Six Simple Steps to Adoption Ambassadors


Join the 2016 campaign, which launches July 1, and you may be eligible for funding from the ASPCA!

Think of these six points as stepping stones that will take you from idea to reality – and remember that since each organization is different, each step may need to be adjusted for your individual situation.

Keep reading for details about the elements within each step and the approximate length of time they’ll take.

Step 1: Choose a Coordinator

Start small and look close to home for an engaging, enthusiastic volunteer or staff member with great customer skills!
(Timeframe: 1-2 weeks)

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Step 2: Select Animals for the Program

This is usually a fast step in the beginning that can be adjusted as your program grows. You’ll need both behavior assessments for your animals and an understanding of the capacity of your volunteers.
(Timeframe: 1 day to 1 week)

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Step 3: Create Shelter-to-Home Placement Plan

Your plan needs to be well thought-out and at the same time flexible so it can change as situations change. You’ll need an open-minded staff and the willingness to work through various options to find the one that works for all departments.
(Timeframe: 1-2 weeks)

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Step 4: Decide What to Provide & Gather Supplies

Make sure your Adoption Ambassadors know what out-of-pocket expenses they’ll have. For example, are you providing food, litter, etc. or are your fosters being asked to take that on?
(Timeframe: about a week)

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Step 5: Recruit Your Ambassadors!

All together, now: “It’s OK to start small!” One way to keep it manageable is to consider a “soft opening” before ramping up your program. Some organizations have started close to home – engaging one or just a few existing foster parents and giving the program a whirl.
(Timeframe: about a month)

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Step 6: Train Your Ambassadors

Adoption Ambassadors should think of themselves as talent agents for their animals. They need to get the word out about how amazing their fosters are in every possible way: through social media, word of mouth, emails to friends and family and by hitting the streets.
(Timeframe: first month)

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