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Managing a shelter requires that you be a quick-change artist with many hats: volunteer coordinator, fundraiser, marketer, board liaison and HR manager. Whatever hat you've donned, the information here can help you wear it with confidence. Read more about hiring & firing, volunteer management, find forms & samples for staff needs, and boosting your fundraising.

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How Many Cats Do We Need to Sterilize to Reach Zero Population Growth?

Friday, February 24 2017

The ASPCA’s Margaret Slater, DVM, PhD, shares some interesting results from research on free-roaming cats she conducted with Stephen L. Zawistowski, PhD, CAAB, Science Advisor Emeritus.

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The Power of Home

Thursday, February 16 2017

Dr. Emily Weiss reveals the most expedient way to reduce stress in shelter dogs.

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There Is No Spoon

Friday, February 3 2017

The ASPCA’s Dave Betournay invites you to try your soon-to-be new favorite activity—data, er, information collection.

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Most Popular Tools & Tips

Forms & Samples Adoption center visitor log and survey

Use this sample form to record shelter visitor traffic.

Research The Saving Power of Fee-Waived Adoptions

Leery of free adoptions? Research shows fee-waived cats are just as loved and valued!

Publication Partnering to Save More Lives

Read an article published in a peer-reviewed journal about trends noted as data was analyzed for the first six ASPCA Partnership communities. Download the PDF here.