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A healthy shelter means healthier, happier animals who are easier to adopt out. The ASPCA's shelter medicine experts, Animal Poison Control Center staff and vast network of shelter partners provide expertise and tools to support your lifesaving work. Find out more about poison control, animal care, disease management and intake.

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Protecting Animals Against Infectious Disease, Plan A (and Plan B!)

Friday, May 12 2017

Dr. Stephanie Janeczko shares two strategies to implement simultaneously, along with a list of tools for your toolbox.

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We Are All Health Services Researchers

Friday, March 24 2017

Yes, sheltering professionals, that includes you! The ASPCA’s Dr. Emily Dolan gets the discussion going about the importance of what you’re doing every time you collect data to help improve services.

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How To Survive Kitten Season This Year, Part 1

Tuesday, March 7 2017

Ready to climb Mount Kitten? In the first installment of her series, Dr. Stephanie Janeczko offers 4 steps for getting started today. (Yes, today!)

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Most Popular Tools & Tips

Tools Shelter Disinfectant Quick Reference

You’re going to want to print, bookmark and share this helpful shelter sanitation guide!

Tips When Clinic Disinfectants Cause Problems

Do you know what to do if pets in your clinic accidentally come in contact with disinfectants? These tips from ASPCA Poison Control Center can help.

Tips Vet Tech Corner: Poison Prevention Tips for Puppies and Kittens

When counseling new puppy and kitten owners, share these lifesaving tips from the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center.

Article Nothing to Sneeze At: Cold & Flu Medications

It’s the time of year when sales of cold and flu medications soar – and those medications can find their way to family pets.