ASPCA SAFER® Aggression Assessment is a predictive, consistent method for evaluating the probability of canine aggression in individual dogs. The seven-item assessment generally takes no more than 10 minutes per dog to complete.

SAFER Training and Certification

Obtaining SAFER certification helps ensure you are conducting and scoring assessment items correctly and that you are using SAFER scores appropriately to make sound decisions about the dogs you assess. There are several ways you can learn about the SAFER assessment.

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How to Become SAFER Certified

Being certified means that an ASPCA SAFER® facilitator has determined that your technique and ability to assess behavior are appropriate and will lead to predictive assessments. A certified assessor has demonstrated the ability to accurately and objectively observe and identify behavior and to perform SAFER assessments safely and humanely.

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Take a SAFER Tour

Whether you've been conducting ASPCA SAFER® assessments at your agency for several years or are a newcomer, we've compiled helpful resources to enrich your current program or get you started.

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