SNAP Houston: The Original Mobile Spay/Neuter Clinic

With a passion to reduce the number of animals euthanized in Houston, Texas, SNAP brings free spaying/neuter surgeries, vaccines and licenses to those with proof of low-income status.

We have raised the bar and the animals in our community are leading better lives. — SNAP

What it Takes

  • Data showing the source of the homeless pet problem.
  • A good plan for cutting off the flow at the source.
  • Strong relationships within the veterinary community.
  • Knowledge and support of the communities to be served.
  • Government support.
  • A respected leader to get the program started.
  • Top-quality staff and services.
  • Ability to raise funds to cover the costs.

What We Like

The program's "taking it to the streets" approach. SNAP understands which neighborhoods the animals are coming from and is making an impact by traveling directly to the source.

Step by Step

  1. Download the complete profile (.pdf)
  2. Assess for yourself whether this program is right for your agency.
  3. Use the profile to create and implement a plan for your agency.
  4. Tell us how it goes.