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Length of Stay

The Length of Stay (LOS) is one of the most critical factors in how efficiently your organization runs. Playing the Length of Stay Game makes things better for the animals in your care, regardless of your budget, size or staffing levels.

Watch the video and see the game in action.

Getting Started with Length of Stay

Webinar Recordings:

Length of Stay: FAQs 
Dig into the details around Length of Stay

Ready to Play the Game at Your Shelter? (.doc)
Grab the instructions so that you can play the game with your staff. Extended game rules also included.

Population Wellness Rounds 
Daily rounds ensure that all the necessary steps have been taken for that animal that day.

Length of Stay Checklist (.xls)
Use this checklist to help identify any critical points of care where animals wait in unproductive ways.

Fast Tracking

Fast Track Planning 
Fast tracking has benefits for all shelter animals and helps maximize the life-saving capacity.

Fast Track\Slow Track FAQs 
Dig into the details to understand when and why you place animals on different tracks.

Programs for Reducing Length of Stay

Intake Planning and Procedures (.doc)
Appropriate intake pathway planning will lead to shorter shelter stays and improved animal health and welfare.

Ready, Set, Go...Surrender Preparedness Program for Cats (.doc)
Use this questionnaire to assess how ready the cat is for adoption when receiving calls to schedule surrender appointments.

Foster ON-Deck System at the ARL of Boston (.pdf)
ARL Boston has developed a system to move kittens directly into foster care to minimize risk of illness. This document generously shared by HSUS, Animal Sheltering Magazine and Sandra Newbury, DVM

Tools to Support Your Work

Daily Population Workbook (.xls)
Use this tool to see how length of stay impacts daily population

Adoption Capacity Calculator (.xls)
How many animals should you have up for adoption at any one time? Use the Adoption Capacity Calculator to help determine the right number for your shelter. Be sure to also read the How-to document that accompanies the calculator.

Using the Adoption Capacity Calculator (.pdf)
This article will help you use the Adoption Capacity Calculator.

Daily Population Visualizer (.xls)
This file is for the data geeks. It allows you to see a visual representation of each animal's stay and how individual care days stack up to daily population numbers.

Less is More on the Adoption Floor
The ASPCA's Less Is More research tests the hypothesis that decreasing the number of cats available on the adoption floor might increase the likelihood that a potential adopter makes a choice and goes home with a cat.

This material generously provided by UC Davis Koret Shelter Medicine Program

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