Saving Lives

Creating a Distribution Network for Shelter Animals

Creating a Distribution Network for Shelter Animals

The Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals, a public-private partnership between the City of New York and over 140 shelter and rescue groups, created a transfer program to help Animal Care & Control (AC&C) get their animals face-to-face with as many potential adopters as possible.

"If you don't have the data...if you can't measure the problem, you can't fix it."
Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals

What it Takes

  • A respected neutral leader to help build consensus.
  • Good data on the numbers and kinds of animals coming into AC&C.
  • Mutual respect among all participants.
  • Detailed written agreements.
  • AC&C staff to administer the program.
  • Resources to help participants get animals adopted.

What We Like

Responding to the AC&C's low adoption rates as a basic marketing problem, the Mayor's Alliance created a giant distribution network. They then developed adoption events, venues, and resources to help both AC&C and the transfer partners get the animals in front of the widest audience possible.

Step by Step

  1. Download the complete profile.
  2. Assess for yourself whether this program is right for your agency.
  3. Grab the sample materials and get started.
  4. Tell us how it goes.