Saving Lives

Embracing Meet the Adopters in Your Shelter

If you'd like to work with your staff, board members and volunteers to embrace new ways of thinking and new practices to improve adoption outcomes, we encourage you to download and use these workshop materials. 

Through this workshop, participants can develop knowledge, skills, and attitudes to facilitate adoptions that:

  • Emphasize learning, and
  • Support the development of quality relationships between adopters and the adoption agency and staff.

Facilitator Guide (.pdf)

This 20-page guide helps you prepare and deliver the complete workshop. In addition to lists of supplies, a sample agenda, and other tips for delivering the workshop, the guide contains detailed facilitator notes for each of the five workshop tasks.

Complete Participant Materials (.pdf)
This document contains the participant handouts for all five workshop tasks, combined in one document for your convenience. You can also download individual tasks if you are not planning to present the entire workshop. (See below.)

Report on Adoption Forum II (.pdf)
This report summarizes ideas and strategies for creating the groundwork for successful adoptions. Participants read and discuss this document as part of Task 1.

Task 1: Defining Successful Adoptions (.pdf)
What does each of us mean by 'successful adoption?' In this task, we challenge old assumptions and create the space for new ideas about adoptions.

Task 2: Applying Adult Learning to Adoptions (.pdf)
Some fundamental principles of adult learning theory can help us engage adopters and have conversations in which both parties have the opportunity to exchange vital information.

Task 3: Learning from Mistakes (.pdf)
Our love of animals has always been a part of our lives. But did we always make choices that were in their best interests? How did we learn to do better by our animals?

Task 4: Engaging Adopters with Open Questions (.pdf)
Open questions engage adopters, invite dialogue, and encourage critical thinking. Learning to phrase open questions helps turn adoption "interrogations" into conversations.

Task 5: Transitioning to Learning-Centered Adoptions (.pdf)
What are we doing well, and how can we build on that using what we've learned in the workshop to make it even better?


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