Saving Lives

Tips for Free Adult Cat Promotions

Research by ASPCA's Shelter Research and Development team confirms what some innovative shelters have already discovered: Waiving the adoption fee for adult cats does not devalue the cats or the agency in the adopter's mind.

However, as with most innovative programs, educating stakeholders and implementing with a well-thought-out strategy is critical to success. Below are the common elements of the strategies used by agencies who have successfully implemented free cat promotions. 

1. Message the Program

Make sure everyone understands:

  • The shelter will "give away" adult cats not because they aren't valuable, but because they ARE wonderful animals who deserve loving homes. It's worth foregoing the adoption fee to place these animals in good homes.
  • Only the adoption fee is waived: all other adoption policies remain in effect. Adopters must meet the criteria that apply to all other adoptions from your agency.
  • Research and the experience of other agencies confirm that waiving the adoption fee for adult cats does not devalue the cats, compromise their care, or ruin the credibility of the adopting agency.

2. Plan Promotion Details

  • Determine the cutoff age for cats included in the promotion.
  • If the promotion is for a limited time, decide when to offer it and for how long.
  • Prepare to make a splash. Give yourself enough lead time to plan a launch, prepare press releases, communicate with the media, decorate cages, and prepare your cats (see below).

3. Prepare Your Cats

  • Ensure that the cats you want to include in the promotion are ready to go: spayed or neutered, microchipped, etc. Sending those great cats home with their adopters on the same day helps sustain the enthusiasm of both staff and the public.
  • Ensure that you have enough adult cats on your adoption floor to meet the demand while still making good cat/adopter matches.

4. Make Identification Easy

  • Avoid confusion and disappointments by making sure that adopters can immediately identify cats who are included in the promotion.
  • Big, bright stickers on cage cards and colored temporary collars on cats in multi-cat areas have worked for other agencies.

5. Get Your Facts in Order

  • Be ready to explain why you are running the promotion, how your adoption process works, and how to identify the cats who qualify for the waived fee.
  • Be ready to talk about the many advantages of living with adult cats.
  • Be ready to talk about why a free cat from your shelter is a much better deal for both adopter and cat than a free cat from a newspaper ad.

6. Promote, Promote, Promote

  • Launching a free cat promotion is a great opportunity to showcase your agency and to get the word out about your community's homeless animals.
  • Be sure to build in time to alert and educate the media so that your promotion gets noticed.
  • Putting together a fun, visual marketing campaign for your free cat promotion can only help increase the attention you get from the media.

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