Disaster & Cruelty

Disaster Response Training

Want to learn how to prepare for, manage and respond to emergencies and disasters? Check the websites listed here for training on different aspects of disaster response training - from swift-water rescue techniques to Incident Command System navigation.

Online and In-Classroom Training

Field Investigations & Response Webinar Series
This 8-part webinar series presented by the ASPCA Field Investigations and Response (FIR) Department will explore issues critical to successful investigations and response for animals in crisis, including animals in natural or man-made disaster situations. Animal welfare professionals, veterinarians, emergency management, law enforcement, public health and other government officials will especially benefit from these free, 90-minute webinars.

FEMA Emergency Management Institute (EMI)
Access EMI's wide variety of disaster preparedness and response training (both classroom-based and online), including courses for animal emergency responders.

Free Courses: FEMA EMI Independent Study Program
Are you a professional with emergency management responsibilities? These self-study EMI courses are designed for you.

Where To Get: Technical Training

American Humane Association Animal Emergency Services
Teach your community to prepare for and respond to disasters with AHA's Animal Emergency Services training. Also offers Animal Emergency Services volunteer training.

American Veterinary Medical Association Disaster Training
Includes a list of links to organizations that provide disaster training

Code 3 Associates
Learn professional disaster response for animal rescue operations and animal-related law enforcement.

Emergency Equine Rescue Unit
Provides training, education and provisions for professional, organized responses to equine and large animal emergencies

Florida State Animal Response Coalition
(Fl-SARC) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to all-hazard disaster preparation, planning, training, response and recovery during animal emergencies.

National Association for Search and Rescue
Provides search and rescue training and serves as a professional organization for search and rescue professionals

Rescue 3 International
Offers flood, water and rope rescue training to individuals and organizations

Rescue Training Associates
Offers disaster response, technical rescue and hazardous materials training

State Animal Response Teams (SART) North Carolina
Trains SART program participants to facilitate safe, environmentally sound and efficient responses to animal emergencies on the local, county, state and federal level. SARTs are interagency state organizations dedicated to preparing, planning, responding and recovering during animal emergencies in the United States.

For NY State Responders: Empire State Animal Response Team
Learn about this unifying network of organizations, businesses, government agencies and individuals and its training offerings.

Tip: To locate other state SART websites, type "state animal response team" and the state name into a search engine such as Google.

Red Rover
Provides emergency sheltering and disaster relief services for animals

Where To Get: Emergency Management Training

International Association of Emergency Managers
Promotes saving lives and protecting property during emergencies and disasters, and also offers emergency management training.

National Emergency Management Association
Provides information, support and expertise for emergency management professionals in both the government and private sector

Where To Get: Human First Aid and Crisis Response Training

American Red Cross
Offers first aid, CPR and AED programs (as well as training in blood-borne pathogens, oxygen administration and injury prevention) to prepare you to prevent and respond to life-threatening emergencies

National Organization for Victims' Assistance
NOVA offers crisis response training and can deploy their National Crisis Response Team to assist in disaster response.