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"Research and Development at the ASPCA starts with the philosophy that every number is a wet nose."
-Dr. Emily Weiss, Vice President, ASPCA Research and Development

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Research & Development

This department conducts research to inform and support work within the ASPCA’s Strategic Plan. Research may include program development, investigation of the impact of laws and policies and studies of animal welfare and risk.

The department also measures indicators for its work and examines metrics to learn individual program impact. The Shelter Medicine team and the Shelter Behavior team are housed within the R&D department, and provide direct, boots on the ground and virtual support for groups focused on animal wellness and behavioral health. 

R&D Data-Driven Programs

The ASPCA researches and implements lifesaving models, both internally and through work with other agencies, and then shares successful programs with the field. The R&D team’s work provides the latest research to help with food guarding, assessments, adoptions and many more crucial shelter subjects.


R&D Blogs

ASPCApro regularly posts new and exciting research blogs designed to help shelters. Check out Dr. Emily Weiss’s research-focused blogs and Dr. Margaret Slater’s research-focused blogs.

R&D External Publications

The R&D group’s work is regularly published in peer-reviewed journals and shared with the field at regional, national and international conferences.

R&D Webinars

Listen to these free webinars on your own schedule and at your own pace. They also make great tools for staff training!

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