Animal Relocation and Transport

Animal Relocation and Transport

The Animal Relocation and Transport (ART) team focuses on saving lives by helping organizations relocate animals from areas of oversupply to places where there are few, if any, similar animals in shelters for adoption.

Relocation can be near or far, and can include animals pulled from shelters by rescue groups, or transfers of animals to other regional shelters, or long-distance transports to out-of-area shelters.

ART launched in May 2011, and by December 2012 had helped relocate 35,840 animals in 34 states around the country. Most of the animals were from overcrowded shelters where their chances for adoption were slim, while some were displaced as a result of natural disasters.

MAP (Moving Animals Places)

ART has created a free, searchable online database called MAP (Moving Animals Places) that helps shelters find partners in relocation efforts. MAP can provide agencies with much-needed information, including where surplus animals are and where the shelters and rescues are that can take them in. Want to apply?  Click here.

Carroll Petrie Grant

The Carroll Petrie Foundation Dog Rescue Project, which launched in July 2012, also provided 16,600 subsidies for source shelters.

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