Animal Relocation Grants

The ASPCA Animal Relocation grant program supports nonprofit organizations and public agencies dedicated to the safe, humane, and efficient relocation of animals to help increase lives saved. Relocation programs facilitate the transfer of animals from areas of oversupply to areas where there are few, if any, similar pets available for adoption.

Using logistics and proven theories of supply and demand, relocation can be the key to ending the needless euthanasia of animals because of lack of kennel space.

The ASPCA's animal relocation funding priorities include grants for costs associated with animal relocation, including but not limited to the following categories:

  • The actual relocation of animals, such as gasoline, drivers, and hotel stays.
  • Preparation for transport, such as veterinary care, vaccinations, health certificates, and spay/neuter.
  • Pilot or innovative programs resulting in the improved capacity, efficiency and quality of transports.
  • Transport vehicle. Grant funding for vehicles is limited and preference is given to grants with multiple funders and/or users.


Adhering to animal transport best practices and standards is integral in ensuring the health and safety of the animals being transported and the community they enter. Acknowledging that there are varying levels of best practices based on the distance animals are transported and resources of the Source and Destination shelters, there are basic best practices that should be adhered to for any transport. As the recipient of grant funding from the ASPCA Animal Relocation Initiative, you will be asked to make a commitment that your organization meets or exceeds the minimum best practices as recommended by the National Federation of Humane Societies.

Grant Range

Non-vehicle grants typically range from $1,000 - $5,000, though exceptions are evaluated on an individual, case-by-case basis.

How to Apply

  1. Read and complete the Transport Best Practices Agreement
  2. Complete the Animal Relocation Supplemental Form
  3. Click on the link below to complete and submit your online application:

Please note that preference will be given to organizations that are MAP (Moving Animals Places) members. For more information on MAP, please click here.

Important Dates

  • All applications must be received electronically through the above link no later than 5 pm ET on Wednesday, October 1, 2014
  • Applicants will be notified of a funding decision no sooner than October 1, 2014 and no later than November 7, 2014