Adoption and Shelter Program Grants

The ASPCA is focused on increasing live outcomes and decreasing intake at shelters.

The ASPCA's funding priorities for 2014 included projects that increase organizational live release, such as:

  • High-volume adoption events
  • Adoption or any other live release-increasing marketing campaigns that are targeted and have identified impact and methodology
  • Foster and foster-to-adopt programs for at-risk animals

Projects that decrease shelter intake, such as:

  • Return-to-Owner (RTO) programs, such as microchipping, ID tagging, etc.
  • Safety net programs for at-risk animals (e.g. pet food pantries/banks, subsidized medical care for at-risk owned animals) that keep pets in their homes and out of shelters
  • Other intervention programs to reduce relinquishment to shelters
  • Community cat intervention programs (for spay/neuter and TNR programs, please see the Spay/Neuter application

Preference may be given to organizations that can demonstrate measurable impact of lives saved and/or a reduction in shelter intake as a result of their proposed project. Organizations that receive grants for the above projects may be required to submit intake data from their geographic area before, during, and after the term of the grant.

Please use this application if your organization is an Animal Shelter, Rescue, or Animal Control Agency that handles animals:

Please use this application if your organization is a university, research institute, humane education institution, or an organization that otherwise does not shelter or handle animals:

Additional Guidelines

  • If you are invited to submit an application, unless otherwise specified by an ASPCA grant officer, please limit your request to no more than $5,000 or 10% of your annual budget, whichever is lower. Please do not include more than one project request in an application.
  • Your application will not be considered if you choose the incorrect application.
  • Equine organizations must submit their application on the Equine Fund page according to the guidelines posted there.
  • Please refer to the ASPCA's general requirements for a list of documentation to submit with your grant application.
  • To help you prepare prior to applying online, download sample applications for Animal Shelters/Animal Control Agencies and Non-Shelter/Other Animal Welfare Organizations.
  • Incomplete applications will not be considered.