Grants Account and Reporting Requirements

You can access or complete a saved application by logging into your ASPCA Grant Account.

Please also log into your ASPCA Grant Account to submit Grant Requirements. See below for more information on Grant Requirements.

Grant Reporting Requirements

We require ASPCA grantees to fulfill a variety of requirements based on the grant size and purpose. Fulfillment of grant requirements is essential for our internal evaluation of the impact that our grants have on animals, and they are a standard part of due diligence required by our auditors. We recognize that many animal welfare organizations are short-staffed, so we make every effort to minimize the reporting burden on grantees while employing best practices in all of our grants programs.

We’ve provided some general tips to help guide you when completing your reporting requirements. Your timely submission of grant requirements has a direct impact on eligibility for future grants from the ASPCA.

Please follow these guidelines when submitting requirements:

  • Submit ALL requirements online by logging into your ASPCA Grant Account.
  • Requirements are referenced with an explanation and due date in your grant award letter or contract and your online account.
  • Please adhere to the due dates – you may submit fulfilled requirements at any point during the grant term. Should you need extra time to submit any particular requirement, please contact the ASPCA Contact on your award letter prior to the due date with 1) a request for a due date extension, 2) the preferred due date and 3) an explanation for the request.
  • We are committed to a paperless grant administration process for the sake of expediency and to minimize consumption of natural resources. Please make every effort to submit all requirements electronically through your online account. In most cases, you are given the option of submitting narrative text entries and/or uploadable attachments. Upload one attachment at a time.

Grantees will be asked to submit some or all of the following requirements tailored to the grant purpose, term and amount:

  • Acknowledgement of Award Letter – all grant awards in the amount of $5,000 or less must be acknowledged online as your official indication that you intend to use the funds as instructed in the grant agreement.
  • Final Report – indication of results/outcomes and an analysis of your project plus an estimation or exact indication, if measurable, of the number of animals impacted by the grant. Narrative text entry and/or upload.
  • Financial Report/Receipts – a comprehensive list of expenditures for which grant money had been used (typically best submitted in a spreadsheet). Financial Reports for projects that produce accurate, easily measurable outputs, such as targeted spay/neuter programs, should identify the cost per animal as part of a detailed report on the project. Receipts and/or invoices should be uploaded when appropriate.. Narrative text entry and/or upload.
  • Photos – Generally, we ask for photos that show pictorial evidence of the intended use of funds; we may also ask for photos associated with human interest stories for promotional purposes. Narrative text entry for captions plus uploads.
  • Press Information – links to or uploads of press releases, clips or links showing recognition of the ASPCA’s grant for your project.  You can also include stories, anecdotes, quotes, and social media posts that could be used for promotional purposes including human interest stories with accompanying photos. Narrative text entry and/or upload.
  • Progress Report – an interim report designed to inform your grant officer on the status of the project. Narrative text entry and/or upload.
  • Signed Amendment – occasionally the purpose or amount of a grant will change during the grant term. In some cases,this will require a signed amendment to the contract.
  • Signed Contract – payments of all grant awards that exceed $5,000 are contingent upon your submission of two signed contracts mailed to our headquarters.
  • Site Visit – indicates that a grant officer wishes to make a physical site visit of your facility during the grant term, sometimes as a condition of payment or to provide your organization with additional non-cash outreach and resources.