Fee-Waived Adoptions

Fee-waived adoptions have come a long way since trailblazing shelters like the Wisconsin Humane Society started using the strategy in 1998. Back then, many in the animal welfare community were concerned that waiving fees for cats might devalue them in the eyes of the adopter, compromise their care and reflect badly on the shelter.

Research has shown that those fears are unfounded, and that fee-waived adoptions – which use the same process as regular adoptions – are good for cats, shelters and their communities! Keep reading to learn more about the research behind the concept, how to get it started in your shelter, and how other agencies have seen success.

Why You Should Waive Fees

Waive fees and adopters will come. The price tag – or lack thereof – doesn’t affect the love or longevity of an adopter’s relationship with a cat. And, as it turns out, fee-waived adopters are more likely to adopt long-term feline residents and make cash donations! To help convince you and your stakeholders, here’s the latest research and great results from Edmonton Humane Society. 

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Where You Can Start

Are you ready to launch – or expand – a fee-waived program in your agency? Start with our webinar on the basics, then move on to great marketing ideas, tips on successful events, and data collection resources.

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How Others Made It Work

Learn about Wisconsin Humane Society's launch of the fee-waived program in 1998, and the years of consistent success they’ve had with the program. Other inspiring stories – including Tony La Russa’s ARF, Austin Animal Shelter’s fee-waived pittie events and the ASPCA Adoption Center – will help stoke the fee-waived flame.

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