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Facebook Basics: 3 Steps to Slammin' Statuses

Whether you're first string on your organization's Facebook team or looking to ramp up engagement on your page, it's always smart to start with the basics. Here are some choice examples of what's working from your colleagues in the animal sheltering field.

Be Funny

Go ahead--make a joke! Facebook is exactly the place where your communications should be less formal and more friendly than, say, an official press release. If it helps in crafting these types of posts, imagine your goal is to simply make someone smile--you might be surprised by how creatively freeing that can be. From the "When your camera gives you lemons, make lemonade" department:

Some days are so busy that you may only get one chance to capture the moment when a match is made official--so you just have to work with what you've got. This one made us laugh out loud--nice save, Arizona Animal Welfare League & SPCA! 

Wisconsin Humane Society

demonstrates that sometimes less is much, much more. Classic!!!


Be Honest

Being up front and straightforward about your mission and your work helps to build trust in your agency--and it can start right on your Facebook Timeline.

You can't get a more true-life shelter moment that this one from Santa Fe Animal Shelter & Humane Society. This beautiful post and photo also serve as a fabulous plug for their foster program.

This crosses over in to the "Be Funny" category, but Animal Rescue League of Boston's sentiment about the car is exactly what you'd expect from an agency dedicated to helping animals! It's so hard to write a post like this next one--especially if folks have been following the animal's story on Facebook--but it's important to keep them updated.

This heartbreaking status from Animal Rescue League of Iowa garnered nothing but positive support and condolences from fans, who'd quickly fallen for the two-day-old kitten found abandoned on someone's porch. Honest messaging like this also helps to raise awareness and compassion for all the community's animals.


Be Specific

Your Facebook Timeline is the perfect place to call your community to action. Whether you want them to donate, adopt, foster, join in your flash mob… the easier you make it for them to take action, the more effective you'll be.

The folks at Central Oklahoma Humane Society are masters of the social media 'ask.' This status clearly indicates what, when and where people can donate, down to the days and hours! Contact info--both email and phone--is icing on the cake.

What we love about this one from San Francisco SPCA: The snazzy graphics, the quick link to the survey…and the way they set expectations by letting supporters know how long the survey will take.

Do you work on your group's Facebook page? What would you add to the list?

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