Meet Your Match


What research-based adoptions program increases adoptions, decreases returns and ups your chances of making successful, compatible matches from the get-go? Meet the ASPCA's Meet Your Match (MYM) Canine-ality and Puppy-ality.

Background Check: Canine-ality

What Is Canine-ality?
Learn all the moving parts of this science-based program and how it's working at other agencies.

The Canine-alities
Goofball. Free Spirit. Couch Potato. Who ARE these dogs?

Watch the Movie (.swf)
Lights, camera, adoption…catch the MYM Canine-ality program in action.

Background Check: Puppy-ality

What Is Puppy-ality?
Learn how the Puppy-ality Assessment can provide a snapshot of what a puppy is like right now, helping adopters to bring out the best in their young companion from Day One.

The Puppy-alities
There's the Day Dreamer. And the Rookie. The Super Hero. What makes these little guys tick?

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Implementing Canine-ality and Puppy-ality
Think ASPCA's Meet Your Match would be a good match for your shelter? Here's what you'll need.

Your questions answered, from "How long does an assessment take?" to "What if we don't have any purple dogs for adoption?"

Enrichment Ideas for Meet Your Match Shelters
Great programs to reduce the stress of shelter life and maintain the adoptability of dogs and puppies.

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Meet Your Match en Español 
Download PDFs of the Meet Your Match cage cards and adopter surveys translated into Spanish.

For Your Adopters: Take-Home Reading
Our user-friendly Canine-ality booklets for purple, orange, and green dogs walk your adopters through what to expect and what to do week by week.