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Tip of the Week: Where Should You Keep Kitten Shower Swag?

Why, in a playpen, of course!

Kitten season is-a-coming, and throwing a kitten shower is a fun way to get your community involved and recruit foster volunteers. Hopefully, once your wish list for your kitten shower is out there, attendees will be bringing lots of stuff—so take a tip from Florida’s Jacksonville Humane Society and use a playpen as an adorable way to collect gifts from guests. The playpen stuffed with kitten swag will be a hit at your event, and will make for a swoon-worthy photo to post on social media later.

JHS got their playpen from a local thrift shop, but you can also ask your supporters to donate one.

For more tried-and-true advice on successful showers, read this in-depth article on how veteran party host JHS does it: How to Throw a Shelter Kitten Shower.


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