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Tip of the Week: All Washed Up

It’s time to air your dirty laundry, shelters and rescues!

When bedding and toys are not properly sanitized, it can mean the transmission of disease. Industrial-strength washers and dryers are ideal—but regardless of your equipment, here are the 5 most important things you need to know about doing the laundry:

  • Use detergent for cleaning during the wash cycle
  • Use bleach for disinfection during the rinse cycle—your best bet for sanitizing
  • Use hot water cycle to provide the best pathogen killing
  • For drying, use the dryer on the “hot” setting or allow laundry to dry in sunlight
  • Run heavily soiled laundry through the washing machine twice—once with detergent, and once again with bleach

Want more info? Check out page 15 of the ASPCA Alphabetical Resource of Shelter Medicine Topics.


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