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I strongly agree with Emily on this subject...

She is not trying to say 'give every 2 year old...

By Kimberly on Give That 2-Year-Old A Kitty! - 9/5/2014 at 3:07pm

Yes.  I'll never forget the day a lady returned a dead cat to the shelter cause her kids put in it the...

By Debra Young on Give That 2-Year-Old A Kitty! - 9/3/2014 at 8:10pm

As a mother of four, a grandmother of five, and in my past 55 years I have been a babysitter for hundreds...

By MsBsue on Give That 2-Year-Old A Kitty! - 9/3/2014 at 6:06pm

Pets As Gifts: How Are You Working the Media?

Dr. Emily Weiss shares an interview to inspire you.

As you know, we have been really excited about our recent survey around pets as gifts, adding to the body of research supporting the idea that pets obtained as a gift are not at higher risk for relinquishment. One of the reasons we are so excited is that the research is a vehicle to help change the messaging around obtaining pets around the holidays. Several times already this holiday season I have been told by local TV and radio hosts to avoid pets as gifts.

My friend and colleague, Anne Reed of Wisconsin Humane Society, just recently had a great experience chipping away at the ingrained nature of this myth. She was invited to do an interview around holiday pet adoptions, and it is obvious by the introduction to the subject that the radio hosts had assumed Anne would be preaching “no pets as gifts.” Instead, she helped to clearly and astutely outline the subject from a different angle. I’m sharing a link to the interview here, as well as a direct link to the recording, in hopes that it will inspire you to grab a radio or TV spot in your local community this week to put this myth to bed—but more importantly, to drive caring families desiring a pet to your shelter to find their next gift of love.

Click image to listen to recording:


Wisconsin Public Radio

Oh – and if you do grab a media spot, please share it with me!


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