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5 New Things To Do With Your Shelter Wish List

Sharing a wish list of needed shelter items is an important way to reach supporters who are searching your site for ways to help—and it's great to see so many agencies already doing this. The key to getting more supplies rollin' in is to promote your wish list everywhere you can—after all, the more people who see it, the more people you get imagining a kitty curled up in a bed they donated!

Here are 5 things to do with your wish list, inspired by your colleagues in the field:


Snazz It Up For Facebook
So much is right about this well-designed wish list from the Humane Society of Charlotte—the NC agency turned it into a graphic that’s easy for fans to share, taking care to include where and when to drop off items, their logo, website address and contact info.


Dress It Up For the Holidays
Are you doing your Christmas planning yet? (Groan, we’re wondering where summer went, too.)  Take some inspiration from City of San Antonio Animal Services’ brilliant holiday décor last year. They hung ornaments featuring current foster pets looking for their new homes—and guess what they had printed on the back of the ornaments? Yep, a shelter supply wish list!

Hook It Up With a Shopping Site

Giving folks the ability to buy items online that will ship to you directly allows them to skip the extra step of bringing supplies to your shelter. Brother Wolf Animal Rescue makes wish list shopping a breeze with an online store right on their website, set up through a service called Click & Pledge. They post a wish of the week on Facebook, then link fans over to their site.

"We truly get a great response asking for items this way. Asheville is a small city and our donors come from all over the country. We wouldn't be nearly as successful at getting supplies if we had to depend on local donations,” says Jackie Teeple, BWAR marketing director.

Another convienient option is setting up a wish list on—once you have it, you can link to it from anywhere (email signature, social media, etc). It’s free, and easy to use for both you and donors. We love this one from Mohawk Hudson Humane Society because they offer an awesome variety of options to satisfy any budget, from inexpensive toys to higher priced items like a camera.


Email It
Central Oklahoma Humane Society regularly sends out a short and sweet email containing a simple request for a few items, accompanied by an inspirational nugget about the work they've been doing. Here’s an example of a recent Wishes for Wags & Whiskers newsletter.


Throw It a Party
Doing a drive is a great way to spread the word about stuff you need. Share this article on putting together a wish list drive with your volunteers! Or, you can take a tip from Jacksonville Humane Society and turn your drive into a month-long event. This summer, the ASPCA Rachael Ray $100K Challenge contestant ran a Supply July campaign asking their community to donate their most-needed items.





As for us, we wish to hear how you promote your list at your agency, so please leave us a comment and let us know!


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