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Tip of the Week: Used Tennis Balls…At Your Service

Animal Welfare Society (AWS) in West Kennebunk, ME, serves up slightly used tennis balls in plastic muffin containers as a popular retail item in their shelter. The clever package, which sells for two dollars, has been a big hit with shelter visitors, generating over $3,000 in only 18 months. That’s all profit, since both the balls and the plastic containers are donated—now that’s a Grand Slam!

According to Bobbi Allen of AWS, “The program started when a board member, who happens to be an avid tennis player, became frustrated with the surplus of wasted, but perfectly useful, spent tennis balls.” After seeing a four-piece muffin container at a local bakery, the board member had her Eureka moment—to fill the containers with used tennis balls and sell them to benefit the shelter.  

It’s all about the marketing, folks!

What can your shelter do to increase retail sales with a simple packaging idea like AWS’ tennis ball muffins?  What items are you already selling that could use a boost with a little creative marketing?

Photo courtesy of Animal Welfare Society