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This section includes a host of helpful tools, including behavior tips for shy and fearful dogs, sample enrichment schedules and dog and cat behavior webinars.


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Cats Can Do Wha...?

Friday, April 21 2017

Looking for a great way to get cats noticed? See if this idea from Dr. Emily Weiss rings a bell.

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I’m Not Lookin’

Thursday, March 30 2017

Dr. Emily Weiss interprets behavior in a dog video gone viral—and encourages you to put your decoder ring on, too.

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That’s Our Thing

Thursday, March 23 2017

Dr. Emily Weiss shares sage advice on how to interpret those unique behaviors in dogs. (Take note: These observational skills can help get them adopted!)

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Most Popular Tools & Tips

Tips Tips for Canine Enrichment

In order to maintain effective enrichment, keep an observant eye on the dogs in your shelter and stay close to a canine's point of view.

How-to Make Meal Time Enriching

By presenting food in many different ways throughout the week, Mackenzie’s is able to use food to provide multiple sources of stimulation.

How-to Canine Enrichment Outside the Kennel

Exercising, socializing and following scents are just a few of the enriching behaviors shelter dogs engage in outside the kennel.

How-to How to Make Catnip Toys & Bake Dog Biscuits

Students are introduced to animal shelters, the process of adopting a pet, and how to give their time and talents.