Adoption Ambassadors

Saving Lives with Adoption Ambassadors

Are you looking for an easy, appealing way to save more lives and engage the community in your mission? Here it is!

The Adoption Ambassadors program is foster care taken to the next level: You supply simple training and a few tools, and your foster parents take it from there. The benefits Adoption Ambassadors organization report include:

  • New audience of adopters
  • Significant reduction in returns
  • Home-to-home adoption model that frees up additional resources to help more animals
  • It works for cats too!

The ASPCA's Meg Allison, who was the first adoption coordinator for the program at LA/SPCA, says Adoption Ambassadors "changes the conversation from 'I help save lives' to 'we are saving lives' and the enthusiasm builds as more and more dogs are adopted!"

Will it work for you? Yes! Keep reading to find out how.

Six Simple Steps to Adoption Ambassadors

Choose your crew, gather your tools, and get Adoption Ambassadors off and running. Here are six basic steps to launching the program and getting your community’s support.

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Adoption Ambassadors FAQ

Are adoption processes different than in the shelter? What dogs are eligible? How long do they stay in the volunteer’s home? You’ll find answers to some commonly asked questions here.

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Adoption Ambassadors Resources

We've compiled all the resources you'll need for your Ambassadors program here in one handy page.

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Successful Adoption Ambassadors Shelters

Three shelters that have put the lifesaving power of Adoption Ambassadors to work in their communities are ready to help you do the same. Read snapshot profiles of these shelters and learn from their experiences!

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Research Behind Adoption Ambassadors

A significantly lower return rate, a much wider pool of adopters – read the exciting research that proves the power of this program.

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